Dasti Hawkary Organization

Who we are

Cooperation Hand Organization | A non-profit humanitarian organization that has its own spiritual character works for the common good for the betterment of humanity, development and development, regardless of religious, ethnic, political, or social differences. Development of the economic, social, health and intellectual aspects of the citizens through the implementation of various service projects and courses and programs.Co-operation and coordination with a number of social and academic personalities, health and education institutions, social and charitable organizations and global and local charities, as well as effective participation in emergency and emergency assistance to refugees, refugees, refugees, refugees, refugees and refugees.

Our goals

1-Community development through the dissemination of social and health enlightenment.
2- Providing material and spiritual assistance to students, the sick, the poor, the orphans and those with special needs.
3- Emergency and cooperation of refugees and victims of war and crisis and natural disasters and events.
4-Treating patients by coordinating with doctors, hospitals and health centers.
5. Emphasize the development of the scientific, educational, health, economic, social and professional aspects of the individual and society.
6- Developing women’s potential and enlightening the family and participating in solving their problems.                                                                        7-Finding job opportunities and giving importance to young people.
8- Supporting and cooperating with civil society organizations and organizations with special needs training centers.

Our message

We are a national volunteer humanitarian organization working for community cooperation, emergency and community development.

We saw

Advance and innovation in volunteerism, emergency and development work

The field of work of our organization

The Co-operative Organization works as a non-governmental organization in these areas.

Job opportunities

Discovering and introducing new people through academics to open special courses and courses

Care for orphans and the poor

Our organization has been a constant source of help and support to the orphans.

Health Affairs

In terms of health care, we help reduce the incidence of illnesses by coordinating with hospitals and doctors, and sometimes by sending patients out of the country.

IDPs and refugees

Assisting and assisting refugees and war victims

Humanitarian cooperation

In the humanitarian field, our organization has made a significant contribution to the cause.




Teaching a person how to fish is better than giving him or her a fish through a series of workshops, workshops, and courses, giving him or her the skills he or she deserves.


Rebuilding and creating a living space

Seasonal project

Our organization has significantly contributed in this regard

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