Volunteering and charitable work

Why do I do volunteer work?
Voluntary work promotes your abilities and teaches you to work and make friends with you. It also teaches you experiences and paves the way for you to build relationships with different people. Volunteering is a way to avoid the routine of life and devote yourself to useful activities. Volunteering is a stage full of benefits and experiences and a way to achieve your professional goals.

Skill development
Do you, for example, want to learn how to survive and protect the environment? Do you have the skills to create tutorial videos and use them as a teaching method? Volunteering gives you the opportunity to learn from many different areas of life and learn new ways to help others.
Looking for a career  Volunteering shows you many ways to find the right career for yourself. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how skilled you are. At the same time, always pay attention to getting to know people and building relationships with people and agencies that offer job opportunities or experts in this field.
In the midst of volunteer work you will be able to identify experienced and interesting people who may not always know you and take advantage of you if you did not volunteer.
Grow your personality
As a self-sacrificing human being you can combine many aspects of humanity such as eliminating illiteracy and spreading health awareness and protecting animals. There are also other areas such as value to the city’s trees and shrubs.

Some of you are skilled in the use of the Internet and social media sites such as MySpace and Facebook. There are many organizations that want to reach the maximum number of citizens through these social sites. Here you can use your internet skills to help the organization you work for.
Social Relations
Have you spent a lot of time living abroad and are now back in Kurdistan? Would you like to meet people and expand your social connections? If the answer is “yes” then volunteer work and activities are a great way to get to know people and friends, especially in those areas where you value them.
Be an effective person
Volunteering is one of the best ways to become an effective person in your community. Overall volunteering has always been important and influential in the world
Choosing the right place
You must first understand the role of the organization you want to work with and understand your role. Choose an organization that you think is the same as you. For example: If you like environmental protection then try to choose an organization that values ​​the environment and within which you can make an effective contribution. Click on the link below for more information about the opportunities available

General information about volunteer work
What is volunteer work?
Volunteering is a global activity. Voluntary human beings become active within their own community and strengthen the sense of participation, trust, cooperation, coordination, understanding, and the importance of duty and citizenship. Voluntary work was not a living and old activity. In this day and age, mutual respect and cooperation is an important human need, not a benevolent one. Volunteer work strengthens trust and relationships within the community

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Misperceptions of Volunteerism – Some misconceptions about volunteering
There are many people who misunderstand the concept of volunteerism in the world. These misconceptions need to be corrected to determine the true scope of volunteering and to determine how much of this activity can be positively involved.


In global cases. The following points are three misconceptions about volunteering
2. It is alleged that the voluntary activities are carried out only through non-governmental organizations and in developed countries, and there is a kind of agreement between the volunteer and the organization. In fact most of the voluntary activities are carried out in those countries that are in the process of development and are carried out by small groups such as clubs and associations and small public organizations.
2. It is wrong to assume that voluntary work and activities are carried out only in the field of civil society organizations. This activity is carried out in a number of different areas. In the public sector, for example, in the West, citizens often volunteer at schools, hospitals, and disabled cells, and sometimes coastal police and security forces rely on volunteers for some of their activities. There are also areas to volunteer and help the team in the areas of immunization campaigns for illiterate children.
3 – It is alleged that voluntary activities are carried out only by the rich and those who have a high level of education. In fact, studies show that volunteer activities are more common among citizens who have a limited income and have decided to volunteer for their own benefit and that of their communities.