The history of our organization

For more than (7) years, the NGO has been working as a new and independent organization to continuously cooperate and support all classes and strata of society, regardless of religion or race, in all spheres of life {health, fatherlessness, rebuilding, growth}. Etc.
  • 2013

    Founded Organization

    From the first year of our organization we have been constantly striving to innovate in the field of philanthropy and for this purpose we have continued to serve our compatriots consistently and indiscriminately in a number of key and necessary sectors.

  • 2014

    More creativity

    In the second years of the founding of our organization, we attached great importance to the fields (health, orphans and the poor, etc.) for this purpose, and we have come up with a set of different and better mechanisms to better serve the whole of China and the layers.

  • 2015

    More efforts

    We have continued to expand our cooperation and further develop our organization in all areas, and during that year we assisted a large number of Syrian and southern Iraqi refugees, especially in the city of Mosul, after their displacement due to the war in their areas, the distribution of material aid. In all different fields.

  • 2016


    In order to better serve and provide full support to the deserving people, we need to continue to serve in the different sectors of education, health and care.

  • 2017

    Towards more creativity

    In order to better serve our low income and our compatriots we have started to find the necessary and different mechanisms to further serve in all fields by taking advantage of the experience of previous years and to serve more of our entire citizens.

  • 2018

    Towards the top

    During that year we shed more light on a number of areas, especially in the fields of (health, reconstruction, development, orphans and the poor) by finding mechanisms specific to these sectors in opening courses for students and sending unemployed people to health for sending students abroad. In the health and indoor courses for the unemployed by conducting a course to provide for their livelihood.

  • 2019

    We laugh at the goal

    In order to continue and further serve and find job opportunities and build jobs for the unemployed and provide a living, we are committed to providing and opening special courses for those who intend to own their own projects and jobs by opening markets and purchasing transport equipment. Courses are needed for citizens to provide for their livelihoods.

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Also available in: kuKurdishenEnglisharArabic